Trust has a self-signed CA Certificate — a brand-new one that supports its own embedded revocation list as of April 2014 (thanks to the heartbleed bug).

Do you trust If you are getting your hosting or email from us, you either should, or you should find another host.

There are several versions available; most folks will find the PEM-encoded certificate to be the easiest to install — simply open the downloaded file (if it doesn’t open automatically), and go through the installation process using the defaults. If you are given a choice to check the boxes for trusting web sites or email, please check those if they aren’t checked.

Folks running IE may attempt a simpler installation process — but it often doesn’t work well, so try the steps in the previous paragraph should that not work. Sometimes windows prefers the P7B-encoded certificate.

Our policy is to only generate certificates for internal use, or for specific external applications which require either strong encryption or strong authentication.