Something dirty (?!), something tasteless

It may or may not be dirty in your mind, but they agree that Furniture Porn really nailed (ha! A triple entendre!) both the lighting and the dialogue.

And on to the tasteless (yes, it’s a lateral move): Jesus Dress Up. Don’t forget the hate mail!

Speaking of tasteless, often comes the thought to their minds that jwz (of Netscape and Mozilla fame) has a high correlation with the standards of behavior they strive to achieve. Especially when really odd topics creep into the conversation.

Aside from the Monkey Butter story, they would like to point out that only a subset of the females of they lactate. Whether or not that can be condensed to the phrase “They lactate, don’t they” may or may not constitute a statement of truth.

They just wanted to get that off their chest

Stop groaning.

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