The truth about spam

Not suitable for younger surfers. Really. If you’re under, oh, let’s say about 13 or so, this will only creep you out.

Just got this “news of the wierd” feature from MSNBC, via SPAM-L.

Since it is bound to fade, they feel it is necessary to quote this particular story in full, as it is truly important that this information be preserved for posterity.

The source URL, in case you read this quickly enough, is
News of the Weird (.691)

  • West Hempstead, N.Y., high school guidance counselor David D’Amato, 39, was convicted in April of e-mail-disabling mischief against three universities, crimes motivated by revenge when certain male students at those schools tried to break off their association with D’Amato. Their relationships consisted of D’Amato’s paying them each hundreds of dollars over the years for their making videotapes of themselves being tied up and tickled, for D’Amato’s viewing pleasure. D’Amato, who was known as “territickle” in his online community, was not charged with sex crimes because the boys were at all times clothed and their activity limited to tickling. [Newsday, 4-7-01]

They are eternally grateful to Sam Varshavchik for brightening our life with this tale.

As is, they are certain, every single individual who was ever assaulted by email at the hands (or fingers, or both) of this sociopath, “David D’Amato” of West Hempstead, N.Y.