The horror caused by cowards, part 2

They have been shocked for weeks by the facts presented here.

Truly, do not read more unless you have a strong stomach.

They promise to become irreverent soon.

Feast on the documentation of the bile that passes for humanity.

Do NOT follow this link unless you are prepared to see the worst of the world, at it’s darkest hour. These amazing women have documented the most astounding atrocities, at great personal risk, in a place where they are valued less than property.

They salute, and honor in the best way they know how to, the fine, brave ladies and martyrs of RAWA — the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. These fine people, under conditions that can best be described as ‘duress’, have used the mysoginistic principals of the taliban (capitol letters specifically excluded) to conceal video cameras, and used them to document the horror of religious dictatorship., in no way, thinks that can do justice to the many women who have suffered and died. They can only point, and say “If you can take it, you must see this. Learn the truth. Share the reverence that these noble women deserve.”

They also ask you, the reader/viewer: Is it hypocritical to be tolerant of everything except intolerance? Are they being too philosophical for the times? Is it proper for America to utilize religion to gather support against a foe who used religion to gather support?

They want — no, they NEED to know what you think about that.

Perhaps Ben Stein said it best: This is a group of men terrified by woman sexuality — why else would the strike at such phallic symbols?

Then again, why do we create such phallic symbols?


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