Spammers vs. SPEWS, not SPEWS vs. MAPS

They have been reading lately, on nanae (tinnanae, tint), many articles about SPEWS. Many of these articles, without permission, have made references to what they say or think.

They wish to clarify:

  • They like, approve of, and utilise MAPS. They even dished out money to subscribe to the RBL+ service, and strongly suggest that everyone do likewise. Those folks have done a great service to the internet, and need to be rewarded, recognized, and encouraged for their high-profile (yet strangely quiet) educational efforts. They recognize the importance of education to prevent spam.
  • They like, approve of, and utilise SPEWS. They strongly suggest that everyone do likewise. Some folks say that they don’t like the discussions being forced into nanae — those folks are wrong. They think that this practice is the ideal counterpoint to the MAPS offering, particularly for spam-friendly ISPs, and those who provide spam support services. They like the fact that everyone is now naming names: Qwest, Verio, and Yahoo in particular. It is truly time to get tough with spam, and SPEWS is one of many good tools to do that.
  • It can come as no surprise that yahoo turned their pages pink — yahoo claims it is for breast cancer (truly a worthy cause), but they know it is really to announce their spam-friendliness to the world in the most public manner possible. They contine to refuse all email that mentions (and, and that refusal still blocks more spam than MAPS and SPEWS combined.
  • They disapprove of what Alan Brown did, no matter how well-intentioned, with ORBS, just as they disapprove of what MAPS did with the RSS list. They are pleased to see many “competing” lists (though they all know that competition is not the point, here). They are still surprised that they never saw a listing for ORBS (the original) on F***edcompany.
  • They also approve of, and recommend, ORDB, ORBL, and ORBZ. Now, all they want to see is a set of additional lists for open socks proxies, and perhaps open script-hosting systems.
  • They also remind everyone to use spamcop to report and track spam — this tool helps support the spamhaus and spamsites lists, which help support SPEWS and the SBL. These folks also deserve our thanks and support.

Let’s pull together and stop these sociopathic spammers from stealing our time, bandwith, and disk space.