Attention drivers

A few things to remember:

  • Having side-impact airbags and driving like a jerk do not “cancel out.”
  • Slower traffic keep right. Let that swerving, tailgating jerk pass you on the left. Oh, sorry — hang up and let that swerving, tailgating jerk pass you on the left.
  • Oh, and everyone who still has a presidential campaign bumper-sticker on your car:
    1. You weren’t ever about to change anyone else’s mind.
    2. You probably didn’t even vote.
    3. You either supported the guy who lost the election, or who has the lowest approval rating in the history of the presidency. Whoo! Go you!
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  1. Me! I DO have a presidential campaign bumper-sticker on my car! But you didn’t list my reasons: it’s honorable, beautiful, and effective.
    Honorable: I supported the guy who lost, and ongoing history is proving me right. See, elections aren’t like horse races, where the people who supported winning animal are the winners. They’re more like tug-of-wars, where the people try to MAKE one side or the other win, for everyone’s benefit. And they’re like wars, too — where everybody usually loses. We all sure as heck lost this time. Anyway, I’m righter with every day that goes by, and I bathe in that glory and honor.
    Beautiful: More and more people look at my Kerry sticker, grow moist about the eyes, and wistfully dream of what might have been.
    Effective: It reminds people of the mistake they made so they won’t make it again.
    (My Kerry sticker is also a fistula into an alternate universe where Kerry DID win, but I have no control over that. If I remove it, there’s no way into that universe ever again, so I keep the portal open for purposes of freedom, truth, and the American way.)
    I enjoyed this site. I found it, as I imagine most people do, by accidentally beginning to type normal English while the cursor was focused in the “location” bar of the browser.

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