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  1. I hated them BEFORE they were called cingular. They’ve ALWAYS been liars. Not surprising, really. That’s what liars do. They lie.
    They lied to me when I bought my first cell phone from them when they were called Houston Cellular. The ad said, “1000 digital minutes for $100.00” Each minute after that would be $.25
    I found out that digital minutes means you have to be calling another Houston Cellular customer. But in 1998, hardly anyone had cell phones, & it wouldn’t have mattered if they were ubiquitous: I was calling peoples home phone numbers or office numbers – all analog. My first bill was for $400.00. Guess what? I hadn’t used ANY of my 1,000 minutes.
    When I got done talking to the INCREDIBLY arrogant CSR, I put the bill into a large envelope, along with a jar of vaseline & mailed it back to them, with instructions on what to do with it.
    Never heard from those punks again.

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