Andrew Sullivan asks a silly question…

Andrew asks:

But why is that [a life of quiet, productive atheism] more meaningful than flying a plane into the World Trade Center?

Oh, that’s simple!

  1. It is based upon truth as we know it. Malleable, yet verifiable, reproducable truth.
  2. It does not harm or disrupt the lives of anyone else.
  3. It is adaptable, within reason. Literally, within reason.

Rather than living by unalterable dogma, living a life where you can change your mind when confronted with evidence allows you to marvel at the enormity of the universe, the astounding diversity and interactions of life that has evolved on this planet, and the amazing ability of creatures such as ourselves to try to understand it all.  All these things from the energy coming out of the sun that hits this relatively tiny little ball of rock and water.

Oh, and you’re also free to not meddle in other peoples lives. Who needs that false responsibility?

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