A point of conversational clarification

Lately, the bear guys have come up in conversation.  Confusingly so.

Firstly, there is the bear suit guy.  He’s not dead; he’s been broke, but still alive.

Then, there is the grizzly man.  You know, the one who tried to be Dian Fossey’s ursine equivalent. He’s dead.  Being dead, money matters to him a bit less.  As does the longevity of his watch.  In holywood-terms, this is the one they would describe as a bear-fscker.  Then, there is the astounding similarity to Steve Irwin — especially in death.  Crikey!

Learning the details of the movie, they were tastelessly amused:   money quote:

The film consists of Treadwell’s own footage of his interactions with grizzly bears before he was killed, and of…[redacted]

They really want to see this footage he made after he was killed, but not during.  They think Herzog was right to ask the owner to destroy that recording.  It would be too much like overplayed footage of the WTC attack/collapse.  Herzog is smarter than CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS combined.

And, having seen him eat his shoe — for one of the films they think is the best ever made — they take him as a man of his word.

They watched “Se7en” again, and have some thoughts…

This is one of those DVD’s best watched at home, snuggled up with a nice warm bowl of homemade soup and a loved one or two.

Of course, they watched it alone, late at night, on the coldest night so far this year

Oddly enough, this is the first time they have watched this film since they became parents. They now think the breakfast scene between Tracy and Somerset is much more poignant.


So, Naqoyqatsi is opening (albeit in limited release) on 18 Oct 2002. To those of you heathens (ha!) who have not been indoctrinated, this is the perfect opportunity, and they suggest the following regimen:

  • 04 Oct 2002 – Rent, beg, or borrow Koyaanisqatsi (You won’t be able to buy the DVD until the 18th, apparently, although they still have a liserdisc of it), get yourself into as meditative state as any geek can achieve, and sit down and watch it. Although best done with a loved one or good friends, it can be done alone.
  • 11 Oct 2002 – Follow up with Powaqqatsi the following weekend, an ideal film for providing context for musing on the events a year and a month earlier. Notice particularly the little girl walking beneath the word for “war”…
  • 18 Oct 2002 – Go and view Naqoyqatsi on opening weekend, if for no other reason than to have somthing to talk about intelligently for months later.

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