A point of conversational clarification

Lately, the bear guys have come up in conversation.  Confusingly so. Firstly, there is the bear suit guy.  He’s not dead; he’s been broke, but still alive. Then, there is the grizzly man.  You know, the one who tried to be Dian Fossey’s ursine equivalent. He’s dead.  Being dead, money matters to him a bit… Continue reading A point of conversational clarification

They finally saw INLAND EMPIRE

Some people have said that they don’t get the “Rabbits” bit. They say that that is easy to understand. It’s not “Rabbits”, but “Married, with Bunnies“. Can you think of a more deserving target for that level of ridicule? They cannot…  They liked the colation of previous motifs — things like the red curtains being… Continue reading They finally saw INLAND EMPIRE

They review movies

So, why, you ask they.com, should you see Pirates of the Carribean? Because you will never see Johnny Depp play Tammy Faye Baker so convincingly again. You hope.


So, Naqoyqatsi is opening (albeit in limited release) on 18 Oct 2002. To those of you heathens (ha!) who have not been indoctrinated, this is the perfect opportunity, and they suggest the following regimen: 04 Oct 2002 – Rent, beg, or borrow Koyaanisqatsi (You won’t be able to buy the DVD until the 18th, apparently,… Continue reading Qatsi?

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