They never heard about this… – Missouri man legally changes his name to ‘They’.

They just want to say that they have never met they.  Perhaps it might end up like when Malkovich entered his own portal?

They are not opposed to the idea, however.? Perhaps They is not, either.

(H/T to 1069, Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii, and other names so weird that judges forbade them. – By Eugene Volokh – Slate Magazine)

So, which conspiracy theory is best?

Governor’s Mansion fire investigation:

  1. (for Democrats) What was so compellingly revealing that it had to be burnt in the Governor’s Mansion?
  2. (for Republicans) Which delegate left a bag of burning dog doo on the porch, not knowing there was nobody home to stomp it out?

Update 20080802: A few days ago, the video of the suspected culprit was released.  Apparently, the republican theory was the correct one!