Hey! You pollsters! This is important!

What is the correlation between people that believe both: That burning the American flag is immoral AND That torturing alleged terrorists is moral Oh, never mind.  Sullivan already did this one within the past two days, right?

Good news for McCain’s campaign?

So, remember how musical artist after musical artist is asking them to stop using their songs? Finally, a band has offered their collection to the campaign.  Unfortunately, the letter was not received until after the campaign was suspended. Even more unfortunately, it was from the band “Cheap Trick”.

They say: shame on Elizabeth Dole.

From How a Barking Dog is Turning the NC Senate Race Negative, they learn that apparently they were calling somebody “fibber”. They have never referred to anyone as “fibber”, nor “flubber” for that matter.  They suspect that it probably came, etymologically speaking, from someone born before 1950.  They say emphatically:  leave “they” out of it.… Continue reading They say: shame on Elizabeth Dole.