A hammer derivative…

They have said: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To which they can now add: If all you have is a nuclear device, everything looks like Hiroshima.


So, with the Foley fallout, they are taken back to many years ago, when a vaguely popular bumper sticker said: Republicans eat their young

They have to ask: is it true?

Has Bin Laden died of typhoid? Things look promising now that the story is in english. They especially like the part about “partial paralysis of his internal organs” Wow — this story is spreading quickly…

What a difference…

Between the Bush administration saying that they cannot talk because of national security, and how they act when there really is an issue of national security.  These folks just can’t leak quickly enough when real security is at stake, eh?

Network statistic, or political commentary?

They were intrigued by this week’s nanog posting of the BGP Update Report Interval: 30-Jun-06 -to- 13-Jul-06 (14 days) Observation Point: BGP Peering with AS4637 TOP 20 Unstable Origin AS Rank ASN Upds % Upds/Pfx AS-Name 1 – AS15611 19231 1.6% 206.8 — Iranian Research Organisation They hope it is simple ironic coincidence. Nonetheless, they… Continue reading Network statistic, or political commentary?

Thought experiment

They wonder what would happen if they were to draw a political cartoon wherein Mohammed were depicted wearing a turban shaped like a bunch of idiots burning down an embassy. Any takers?