They finally figured out how to make ubuntu rock on wifi…

They have a new laptop.  It came with Vista Ultimate, but even now, the bluetooth on windows never works as it should — not that they are surprised. Since they use bluetooth really often (to upload photos from the camera on the phone they have), this is a problem. OK, not much of a problem. … Continue reading They finally figured out how to make ubuntu rock on wifi…

Newish look.

They were tired of the old, non-wordpress-2.5-compatable theme.  In honor of the new system, they have now selected Cordobo Green Park.  They are not displeased.

Why gentoo? Why debian?

How did these distibutions choose their names? Etymology of a Linux distro | Royal HeHe2-ness! They now prefer gentoo for servers, and ubuntu for desktops, for what that is worth…

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WordPress 2.1 upgrade complete

So, they upgraded to wordpress 2.1 tonight. So far, things seem to be going well. They had some issues with the widget page and the links list (now called blogroll), but overall things went smoothly. To solve the widget page issue, they had to hard-code /wp-includes/js/sciptaculous/ into the newest version of widgets.php, but everything else… Continue reading WordPress 2.1 upgrade complete

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Network statistic, or political commentary?

They were intrigued by this week’s nanog posting of the BGP Update Report Interval: 30-Jun-06 -to- 13-Jul-06 (14 days) Observation Point: BGP Peering with AS4637 TOP 20 Unstable Origin AS Rank ASN Upds % Upds/Pfx AS-Name 1 – AS15611 19231 1.6% 206.8 — Iranian Research Organisation They hope it is simple ironic coincidence. Nonetheless, they… Continue reading Network statistic, or political commentary?