WordPress 2.1 upgrade complete

So, they upgraded to wordpress 2.1 tonight. So far, things seem to be going well. They had some issues with the widget page and the links list (now called blogroll), but overall things went smoothly. To solve the widget page issue, they had to hard-code /wp-includes/js/sciptaculous/ into the newest version of widgets.php, but everything else… Continue reading WordPress 2.1 upgrade complete

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They are converting to wordpress

Since slashcode was, er, stagnating. The packages on debian (even debian-unstable) were ancient, and trying to upgrade caused a major problem with posting. WordPress puts out nice valid HTML, uses CSS extensively, has many fantastic plugins, and is much faster and less memory-intense. So far, they like it! Downside? If you had an account before,… Continue reading They are converting to wordpress

Another rare but well-done medium

The good folks at San Diego regional jazz band Cool Blue played every Wednesday at the restaurant they were eating in. They bought their album, and imagine that you might like to do so as well. Should they.com get permission, they will post an MP3 or two as impetus.

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So much spam news, so little time

a new dnsbl, sbbl.they.com, is available for public use. Recommended usage is only as a high score within spamassassin (or similar). Shame on MAPS for screwing and harassing one of their ex-employees. They no longer use MAPS, but instead encourage everyone to investigate using SPEWS, Osirusoft, and to use (and if at all possible, support)… Continue reading So much spam news, so little time