Email is dead.

They did not want to recognise the evidence: Verisign and their wildcard fiasco preventing spam-blocking for forged, non-existent domains DDoS attacks taking out many effective blacklists Loud complaining about blocking email Inane bitching and sniping about tagging email An Oklahoma judge overriding the requests of 50 million people In short, you are all owned by… Continue reading Email is dead.

They review movies

So, why, you ask, should you see Pirates of the Carribean? Because you will never see Johnny Depp play Tammy Faye Baker so convincingly again. You hope.

A sad day

They are creeped out. Not to be entirely off-topic, but each time there is a large tragedy of the scale seen this morning, They soon have an interaction with the qatsi trilogy (by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass). 1. Shortly after the Challenger disaster, they saw, for the first time, Koyaanisqatsi (on PBS). 2. Shortly… Continue reading A sad day

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Another great disclaimer

Paraphrased (which means almost completely stolen) from the Mr. Hell Show: The following website contains discretion. Viewer nudity is advised.