More on email is dead…

What a great story, what a terrible ending. They have a favorite quote: Mackay said such firms gave a bad name to the penis enhancement business .

In the grand tradition of qatsi creepiness…

Again, they are glad that Godfrey Reggio is done with the qatsi trilogy… After finding out that the Southern California fires destroyed the house of a cousin, they find that they missed the DVD release of Naqoyqatsi.

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Email is dead.

They did not want to recognise the evidence: Verisign and their wildcard fiasco preventing spam-blocking for forged, non-existent domains DDoS attacks taking out many effective blacklists Loud complaining about blocking email Inane bitching and sniping about tagging email An Oklahoma judge overriding the requests of 50 million people In short, you are all owned by… Continue reading Email is dead.

A sad day

They are creeped out. Not to be entirely off-topic, but each time there is a large tragedy of the scale seen this morning, They soon have an interaction with the qatsi trilogy (by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass). 1. Shortly after the Challenger disaster, they saw, for the first time, Koyaanisqatsi (on PBS). 2. Shortly… Continue reading A sad day

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They had nothing to do with any of it — honest!

They are shocked. They had nothing to do with Enron, nor do they approve of raiding the treasury, nor of taking advantage of the war on terrorism, nor any of the other litany of abuses mentioned at They await an apology (however, they are not holding their breath).

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So, Naqoyqatsi is opening (albeit in limited release) on 18 Oct 2002. To those of you heathens (ha!) who have not been indoctrinated, this is the perfect opportunity, and they suggest the following regimen: 04 Oct 2002 – Rent, beg, or borrow Koyaanisqatsi (You won’t be able to buy the DVD until the 18th, apparently,… Continue reading Qatsi?

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So much spam news, so little time

a new dnsbl,, is available for public use. Recommended usage is only as a high score within spamassassin (or similar). Shame on MAPS for screwing and harassing one of their ex-employees. They no longer use MAPS, but instead encourage everyone to investigate using SPEWS, Osirusoft, and to use (and if at all possible, support)… Continue reading So much spam news, so little time