The horror caused by cowards

They were at the World Trade Center together 15 months ago. One of they was there two months ago, as another of they talked him into the subway station.

It’s not pretty, but here is the local mirror of images and video, including images from when they were atop that observation deck (which fortunately, was not yet open when attacked).

They are only glad that they are no longer traveling, and hope that all the wonderful folks (and all that those folks know) they have met in NYC remain untouched by this tragedy.

They are thinking of you.

pop-under ads are extra-annoying

Long ago, they bought a wireless x-10 controller for $5, and it works great. They did, however, use a disposable email address (which was a good thing).

The marketroids have gone and made it unbearable to think about ever making (or suggesting to anyone that they should make) another purchase from them.

So, in the spirit of public service, feel free to disable their pop-ups for many years to come.

They are considering making an image on the main page load using this technique — what do you think of that?

Irony grows exponentially

Fact: They like purple. (Duh.)

Fact: They don’t care about dinosaurs.

Fact: They really don’t like purple dinosaurs.

Fact: They really, really don’t like officially trademarked purple dinosaurs with teams of lawyers.

(Actually, they are still laughing about this letter.) Gosh darn it — they need a new bottle of windex, as the screen they are trying to use to submit this story is now thoroughly mostened with a spit-take combination of allergies and Diet Coke.Can anybody explain why lawyers keep forgetting about the first ammendment? There’s a reason it’s the first one, right? Or have law schools been cutting corners for years, and just skipping over that constitution bugaboo? Could that be why law school takes three years, and not four?

42 items of sad news

Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has died.

They met him once, and he signed a copy of his latest (and final HHG) book, Mostly Harmless. They are proud that they actually woke him out of his book-signing stupor.

And of course, his best quote (and they know that it is quite a contest) belongs here, for eternity:

Q: Will you ever write another H2G2 book?

A: Five books in a trilogy? Don’t be absurd.

What to do with the election?

Americans, rejoice! They have solved the problem of the electorial college debate.

Your platitudes are not needed, but are appreciated.

The simple, obvious solution is this: For the next four years, we have no President. Imagine a sign on the white house that says, “Back in 4 years” — doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Once the American people realize how unnecessary the role truly is, they recommend that it proceed to the legislative branch, as well as to the state level.

Just think — no longer will the promise of a tax cut mean simply that your taxes won’t go up quite as quickly.

Stack of odd stuff

They have been sitting on most of this stuff for more time than they care to admit.

You may have already read this one — it has even been written up in wired — but they are proud to have been among the first to pass it around amongst our circle of friends. What is it? Why, nothing more than the true(?!) story of the rocket car. Take that, urban legends!

They have many single geeky friends. The only possible explanation for the dwindling number of those is that they are getting older. Or maybe, this might explain it better. They certainly hope not, or else the next time they throw a party, they had better to expect to lose at least one complete set of silverware.

No matter how hard they try, they will never build a web site as, well, smart as 20 questions.