TechEBlog has some fun videos on how to make some interesting stuff. They especially like the paper snack boxes…


So, with the Foley fallout, they are taken back to many years ago, when a vaguely popular bumper sticker said: Republicans eat their young

There is a new term for automotive stupidity!

It began as they were coming back from lunch. The conversation turned to “stupidly enhanced” vehicles, among which number both jacked-up trucks (and smaller vehicles), and cars whose rims are worth more than the car itself. The word that encapsulates all these travesties? Carwinism.

They have to ask: is it true?

Has Bin Laden died of typhoid? Things look promising now that the story is in english. They especially like the part about “partial paralysis of his internal organs” Wow — this story is spreading quickly…

Network statistic, or political commentary?

They were intrigued by this week’s nanog posting of the BGP Update Report Interval: 30-Jun-06 -to- 13-Jul-06 (14 days) Observation Point: BGP Peering with AS4637 TOP 20 Unstable Origin AS Rank ASN Upds % Upds/Pfx AS-Name 1 – AS15611 19231 1.6% 206.8 — Iranian Research Organisation They hope it is simple ironic coincidence. Nonetheless, they… Continue reading Network statistic, or political commentary?

What’s really missing from American culture…

…is “Fat, balding, hairy, ugly middle-aged guys gone wild.” You know, it’s reached # on the New York Times bestseller list… Oh, wait. We have the superbowl Funny aside: the spell checker suggested “superb owl” — how very Fawlty Towers of my spell checker.

Another rare but well-done medium

The good folks at San Diego regional jazz band Cool Blue played every Wednesday at the restaurant they were eating in. They bought their album, and imagine that you might like to do so as well. Should get permission, they will post an MP3 or two as impetus.

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